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Why Choose Us

Risk management

E.P.L. manages market, financial and operational risks associated with transporting commodities in significant volumes around the world.

We aim to manage risks soundly across the spectrum. We continue to invest in our infrastructure through strategic Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) systems. Our corporate culture stresses the values of accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organization, and the people of E.P.L. take those values seriously.

Financial risk

Risk management functions are rigorously separated and independent from front office. Risks are reported to the highest level of the company management. We employ a range of techniques and metrics at corporate level, and our robust control process covers the entire life cycle of risk from beginning to settlement.

Credit risk is attentively, providing a vital link between corporate risk management functions. The department provides necessary checks and balances to facilitate new trading opportunities while also mitigating our ongoing counterparty, sector and country credit risks.

Use of Value at Risk  

“Value at Risk” (VaR) is a widely used tool for monitoring risk in our industry. We use it to measure, manage and allocate risk across our business. Individual sub-limits are set and enforced by senior management. VaR is only one of a series of tools available, that typically include stress and worst-case scenario metrics.

Operational Risk Management

We pay astonishing attention to detail in ensuring the operational suitability of the vessels, barges, trailers and wagons that we use to transport commodities. Shipping, cargo management, loading and unloading is overseen by dedicated experts together with independent inspection companies. Products in storage and the storage assets themselves are monitored.

We aim to consistently reach the highest standards about our safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) activities, and maintain these standards wherever we operate.